Our Events

We curate seasonal food experiences designed to enhance wellbeing. Come and join us at one of our annual nutrition events in Bristol or Brighton.

Live Better with Food.

Feed for Happy Hormones

An interactive breakfast workshop on how to balance hormones with food. Discussing the fine balance between oestrogen and progesterone, signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance, and key foods and nutrients to help bring about balance every day. We can deliver this nutrition workshop all year round.

Our next event is on 23rd November 2019 – find our here.

Feed for Winter 

Our immune system is unique and complex, constantly interacting with our environment and protecting us from our external surroundings providing us with inherent knowledge between friend and foe.  At Feed for Winter we discuss key nutrients that can help to support our immune system and showcase easy recipes you can build into your everyday life to help during the autumnal and winter months.

Feed your Happy

In January we focus our attention to eating happy foods, foods that help to support our mood and boost our happy hormones. Feed your Happy is an interactive workshop that looks at brain and gut health to help optimise our happy hormones over a lunch of sharing platters packed with essential nutrients to support the production of neurotransmitters.

Feed to Cleanse in Spring

Spring is a time to cleanse, boost our detoxification systems and lighten our diet inline with the season. Feed to cleanse is an interactive workshop that showcases how to support detoxification systems through food and lifestyle, discussing key nutrients to optimise during this time over an array of sharing dishes.

Feed your Skin for Summer 

Our skin gives us clues to our overall health. What we eat can keep skin healthy as well as being important in sun protection. Feed your Skin is an interactive lunch that showcases key ingredients we should eat during the summer months to protect and look after our skin.


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