Feed for Happy Hormones

We are now running interactive workshop events on Balancing Hormones with Food where we will discuss the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalances, focusing on women’s sex hormones and the delicate balance between oestogen and progesterone. We’ll discuss causes that can drive imbalances, of which some may not seem so obvious!

We will be offering a free delicious nutritious breakfast which will demonstrate foods and nutrients that can help nourish our body and help bring about balance. You will go away with tips and easy ideas to implement at home to support your body every day.

So what are hormones? 

When you think of hormones you’re probably thinking periods and your monthly cycle, fertility, pregnancy, pre-menopause, and the menopause?

Hormones are so much more and pretty complex!

Hormones are in fact chemical messengers, essentially they make up one of our core internal communication networks. Hormones are released into the blood from a number of endocrine organs. These organs control a number of physiological processes influencing our health and well-being including (and not limited to) growth, development, metabolism, digestion, body temperature, sexual function, reproduction and mood.  When hormones are released an instruction is sent to initiate an action in an organ or body part, our brain governs and controls the process, initiating and stopping a required action.

A few of our key hormones include:

  • Cortisol – a stress hormone
  • Thyroid – controls metabolism
  • Insulin – controls blood sugar, our fat storage hormone
  • Testosterone – referred to as the male hormone but women produce it as well
  • Progesterone – helps prepare the body for pregnancy, holding the lining of the uterus in place and the calming  hormone (produced in the ovaries and a little in the adrenals)
  • Oestrogen – female hormone, required for reproduction, regulates the menstrual cycle, supports cardiovascular health and promotes bone health (produced in the ovaries and a little in the adrenals)

They all work together in unison, an imbalance in one hormonal system is more than likely going to impact another. When looking after our hormones we want to consider them all.

Over the following weeks in the run up to RESTFEST we will be sharing nutritional tips and food ideas to help support women’s sex hormones predominantly looking at ways to balance oestrogen and progesterone through natural measures.

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